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Tuesday, October 31

Halloween on Parade!

These are the last Halloween pictures I'm going to post, promise.

But how cute are these little curtain climbers???

Always a Bride . . .

Not that anyone is asking, but I've wondered a couple of times if some readers are thinking, "What a loser! Why does she keep her bridal pic up on her profile?"

Because, you know, I'm a smart a$$ like that so I would be saying the same thing.

My reasons for my profile picture are two:
(1) It's one of the best pictures of me and I am oh-so-NOT-photogenic; and
(2) It's the first picture I've seen of myself where my late Mother's face is visible in mine.

Now you know.

Monday, October 30

Encore! Encore!

Yesterday was Children's Sabbath at our church. The Bear is not only a member of the church but he is also enrolled in our children's weekday ministry dayschool, Steady Steps. All the children's Sunday School classes and the Steady Steps classes joined together yesterday to perform our worship services. (Sorry for the very unfocused picture - it's the result of the "wizard" on my software.)

Although the Bear spent the majority of his stage debut with his fingers in his mouth, at least he didn't take off running around like a crazy chicken. He stood still. That's sumpthin.

Who's the king of the jungle? oooh oooh

Who's the king of sea? bubble bubble bubble

Who's the king of the universe and

Who's the king of me?

J E S U S! Jesus! Jesus!

Sunday, October 29

Halloween Havoc 2006

Remember from an earlier post when I was whining about needing to keep my mouth shut about volunteering to do stuff? I'm so glad my big mouth signed myself up for the annual Halloween Hayride. If I forget how great an event it is for the little ones, I need to re-read this post in a year.

We had 26 costumed kiddos show up to go hayriding and trick-or-treating. We had to have TWO trailers of hay to accomodate all the kids and parents. And some grandparents, too! I was able to line up 13 houses for us to stop at and do the "Trick-or-Treat" bit. We started a little earlier this year so we wouldn't be out with the kids on trailers after dark and made it to our "after party" at about 6:30 so we had about an hour of good light to enjoy all the potluck munchies that everyone contributed. The whole thing was even better this year than last year!

But before I take all the credit, I must give props to the parents who contibuted to the tasty spread of munchies (egg rolls, sausage balls, 7 layer dip and chips, nachos, pigs in a blanket, chocolate/caramel dipped green apples!! - -just to list a few of the mouthwatering choices to be had) and to the people who were willing to hand out candy to two dozen frenetic toddlers. Without everyone doing their part and joyfully participating to make it a great experience for our kids, it wouldn't have happened. I'm so thankful to be in a group of parents who are quick to pitch in and even do it with a smile!

I've already got a few good new ideas for next year!!

Friday, October 27

Apparently custom made just for me!

Hubby is convinced that this shirt was made for me (and I don't imagine he would get too much argument from those who know and love me best).

Cry and you cry alone.

Laugh at yourself and everyone else will, too.

Thursday, October 26


I left for an early lunch a couple of days ago to pick up drycleaning, go to the post office, get a few items at the local market.

When I got to the drycleaners, just as I stepped out of my truck the courthouse clock struck the noon hour and the Methodist church's carillons (musical tower bells) starting chiming a familiar hymn.

When I went to the market, I knew everyone in the store (customers included) by first name.

Sandra at the post office knows my box number without me telling her.

I really love this square living.

Note to Self:

do NOT, under any circumstances, undergo plastic surgery where high school rival has medical access to my person while anesthetized.

Just a simple frock . . .

I've decided to sell my wedding dress. I know, I know - - what if I need it again? You never know when I might decide to kick this current husband to the curb! What with all the toothpaste and whiskers in the sink and the dirty socks on the floor . . . why I keep him around is a mystery to me.

Oh wait - - I'm in love with the big galoot!

Go figure.

So, I've had the dress cleaned and bagged up. Next trip to the city I will either leave it in the capable hands of a consignment shop or (hopefully) sell it directly to a wedding dress rental shop. Just get it over and done with, no worrying about shipping it to someone who may or may not pay for it or selling it to someone who ships it back because it doesn't fit. I want to leave all that headache to the stores that sign up for that kind of bidness.

Fare thee well, lovely wedding dress. You made a beautiful day more lovely by your simple presence (and no-alterations-needed fit). Many wishes that you will again put sparkles in another bride's eyes.

We're goin' down!

Okay - just saw the notice where Blogger is going to be down for a couple of hours starting at 2pm PDT. That's in about 15 minutes Texas time.

What am I gonna do for TWO WHOLE HOURS without Blogger??!

How can they do this? I mean, surely they can pick a better time, like 3 am or something. Don't they realize that the majority of us Bloggers are wasting precious employer time by blogging with each other?

The travesty, the inhumanity, the pure and simple injustice! We should all






LOOK! Up in the sky!

It's a bird!!

It's a plane!


Tuesday, October 24

Death of a President

Has anyone else seen this? It sounds like it would be very interesting and I hope to be able to catch it at one of its three showings in Texas.

I was not alive when President Kennedy was assinated in Dallas so I have no frame of reference but given our very turbulent world, the impact of the death of the American president would probably (at least in my mind) have a profound affect on world politics. Or maybe not.

One question I do have is: if our President (no matter who it is) were killed on purpose for politically-motivated reasons but the murder was not witnessed by the public, would the public even be told about it?

Now I sound like Mel Gibson from "Conspiracy Theory."

arrgghh apparently I am in need of some caffeine

Sunday, October 22


Hubby just got a call from CBS - Katie Couric's crew will be here in Mason tomorrow to film him and the pink jail. Apparently "everyone wants to see more of the pink Texas jail," according to the CBS representative.

It will air on Friday evening during the CBS Evening News. It is called the Assignment America segment of the show.

I'll keep everybody posted of any new and interesting developments.

Quote of the Day

"Bless the Lord, all his works. In all places of His dominion. Bless the Lord, O my soul."

- - Psalm 103:22

The View from My Front Door

This afternoon as I was websurfing and checking to see if Hubby's pink jail had won the vote on CBS News' Assignment America (no such luck, they'll e-mail Hubby and let him know some time today), I casually glanced out the front window next to the computer. It grabbed my attention.

On our computer screen saver I have a gorgeous picture of Fall foliage looking down a winding country road, complete with a rickety splitwood fence. The golden leaves fill the photo and I yearn to go to that place and experience the season firsthand.

Little did I realize that just outside my own front door is a gorgeous scene all its own.

Houston, we have LIFT OFF!!!

Finally! $165 and ten months later the Bear decided to take his big truck for a spin. And guess what? He had so much fun we almost couldn't get him out of it come dark time.

Blame on it the fact that he is the little boy his Daddy thought he wouldn't have or blame it on Mommy who has a hard time saying no to anything for her only baby. But last Christmas when the Bear was only 18 months old we lined up "Santa" to bring him a battery powered truck that he could ride in.

Not surprisingly, he didn't want anything to do with it. It made strange noises and it moved way too quick for Mommy not to be running behind it providing the power. So for the last ten months the truck has sat patiently under the carport waiting to be discovered and played with. Oh, it has been pulled out a couple of times and "worked" on but the gas pedal has been carefully avoided. It has a neat little covered "trunk" to stash rocks, and Puppy, and golf balls, and other various important items to the Bear. But it had not fulfilled it's full potential until yesterday.

I have no idea why he decided that the time had come to conquer the truck, but we just got back from town and the Bear walked straight to it and said, "I'm gonna drive my truck." He got in and pushed the gas pedal and took off across the front yard. Straight into a fence post. I ran and helped him turn it around. He took off again.

"I'm gonna chase the dog."

Hank looked at us like, "What are you DOING to me??!!??"

The day started off wonderfully and ended even better!!!

Saturday, October 21

I guess that ONE would be ME!!

Just when I thought I couldn't get any more special and just when everybody else thought my ego couldn't possibly get any bigger:

LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.


har har har har

Quote of the Day

"I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business."

- - Michael J. Fox

My Little Charmer

Yes, it is Saturday morning and I woke up (not voluntarily) a little bit before 7 a.m. and yes, I am still in my floral nightgown and pink bedjacket.

It's now noon and I am still in my nightgown but breakfast has been made and eaten, the dirty dishes run through the washer and put away, four (count 'em!) loads of laundry washed/dried/folded or hung and put away. I even snuck in a short little 30 minute nap in there somewhere whilst Daddy kept the busy Bear occupied.

Let me give you a visual: nightgown, glasses (no contacts), no makeup, no shower. Attractive, huh?

So the Bear follows me into his room to put away his clean clothes and he touches my nightgown and says:

"You look pretty in your dress."

He is apparently going to be his father made over.

What a beautiful way to start the weekend!!!

Friday, October 20

Quote of the Day

"A good home must be made, not bought."

- - Joyce Maynard

Why? Do I LOOK Bored?

Because honestly, I'm not. I have plenty do and not near enough time to do it all. But my creativity continues to write checks my butt can't cash.

This latest "idea" is that we all have a great connection to share our favorite recipes. Or maybe look for one. I got the inspiration after the Lady Lorraine posted another one of her very mouth-watering recipes on her blog. I checked to see if she had a link to her cooking blog because she has a gardening blog, and she makes wine and jam, and she makes a family menu every week (and sticks to it!), and truly I say - I believe she has Martha whupped in the "Domestic Doyenne" market. But that's just me.

So if you're interested, go here: The Bon Vivant Gourmet
and check it out. If you want to become a team member (so you can post your own recipes directly on the blog), just e-mail me and I'll hook you up!

Thursday, October 19

Quote of the Day

"There are two theories to arguing with a woman . . . neither one works." - - Will Rogers

Too Cute to Not Share

Happy Halloween to my Democratic buddies out there!

You know I have nothin' but love for ya!

Wednesday, October 18

A Love Letter

We met six years ago today. Six years? I vaguely remember my life before you. Was it even my life? It sures seems like it was someone else's that I was just observing. It's true what they say about soulmates. "Soul mates are locked at the heart and written in the heavens, promised to find one another when the time is right."

Six years ago we were just getting to know each other and realize that something much bigger than our dumb luck brought us together. There's no logistical expert on earth who could have pulled off the two of us meeting when we did given what was going on in both our lives. But we know Who is responsible. He's led us every step of the way since this day six years ago.

Remember when we first met and you told me that you were never getting married again and you were never having any more kids? Remember? Aren't you so glad that He had other plans?

I look back on our first six years together and I send up a prayer of thanksgiving for the love of a lifetime. I know not everyone gets theirs. I also send up a prayer for continued blessings in that He grants us another sixty years together. I want to raise our beautiful son together and show him by example how a husband and wife can be in love and be friends. Show him that when you love someone you always respect them and hurting them is something that you never want to do. Show him that having faith in God will always lead him in the right direction in life and in love.

And although sometimes life seems to get in the way, I want you to know that every day I thank God for the gift of you. My husband. My friend. My lover. My soulmate.

And yes, I continue to experience overwhelming moments.

I love you so.

~your Wife


Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.

(Rascal Flatts)

Ain't it funny the turns life puts you through?
Don't know what's 'round the bend,
and you don't know where it's leadin' to.
You close your eyes, say a prayer, and take it on the chin.
It's the darndest thing when it comes back again.
Baby, I though that love was over and gone forever.
Never gonna come back to me, never gonna hold me again.
But your love pounds in my heart like thunder,
flashes through me like lightning, making me believe again.

(Brooks & Dunn)

Tuesday, October 17

Quote of the Day

"Victory is not won in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more." - - Louis L'Amour

Monday, October 16

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

For those of you who know me personally (and I'm not holding my breath that any of those personally people actually ready this blog), you know that one of my most endearing traits is my OCD. Okay, okay, so maybe it's not endearing so much as it is annoying but hey, it is part of who I am so love me or leave me. But make sure you leave everything where you found it. har har har

My giddyness, YES, giddyness is due in no small part to my new closet arrangement. Hubby and I went to Home Depot this weekend and got ourselves some badly needed clothes organization supplies to properly organize our closets. His closet consists of our 3rd bedroom so he gets no sympathy for having no organization until this point, cuz boyfriend had the space. But MY closet? It's not a closet - it's a crawlspace.

Now it's called a "walk-in" closet and I won't argue that point with you. You can most definitely "walk in." But about all you can do is turn a 180 and walk right back out. It's like a tall small square tube. It measures about 4 feet by 5 feet and is about 10 feet high. I had two clothes rods - one on each side. Each rod had a single shelf above it. That was it. I know, I know. The sheer horror of it all. To even suggest that a clothes maven such as myself should be relegated to such a small inadequate space to store not only my shoes, but ALL of my clothing is almost beyond comprehension.

This is where the endearing part of my OCD kicks in. Hubby is very supportive of my attempts (did you catch that . . . "attempts") at organizing various and sundry areas of our home. I guess he realizes that not only does it satisfy a need I have (to feed the OCD) but it also satisfies the needs of a 2.5 year old (to dismantle our household on a regular basis). So he just sits back and enjoys the show.

So we stocked up on Rubbermaid closet accessories on Saturday and yesterday afternoon I GLEEFULLY set about installing all of the wonderful new closet organization goodies. I'm attaching a photo herewith (it's not my actual closet but a much better rendering of the beauty of an organized closet). I should also note at this point that the Rubbermaid products are just as good in quality as the Elfa products found at the Container Store but at oh so much more affordable prices. (I say this after having spent $600 at one point in my single-with-cash-to-burn life to organize a closet in a rented condo.)

(Okay - - apparently Blogger is not agreeable to uploading photos today so I will try again tomorrow.)

(Okay - - today is the day after tomorrow and it still won't upload so go HERE)

Self-control has never been one of my strengths.

Have you ever experienced anger on behalf of a loved one that exceeded any anger you've ever felt on your own behalf? I know the Moms out there understand what I'm talking about - - don't mess with our babies if you don't want to tangle with a mad mama bear.

I know I should not have . . . but I did. And it wasn't really anger so much as it was irritation.

But c'mon.

If you're going to engage yourself in a battle of wits in this arena, you better come flippin' armed.

"Tempting Faith" by David Kuo

I don't know whether to be offended, amused, or scared. The wise answer would probably be all three.

Saturday, October 14

PINK! It's like red but not quite

We've been working on ideas for pink t-shirts around here:

"Do the crime and do not think, you'll do the time in the pink."

"In Mason County, Texas -
Drunk driving fine . . . . $1,500
Attorneys' fees . . . . . $2,500
Court costs . . . . . $125
Doing time in a pink jail . . . Priceless!"

"I did time in the Mason County Jail and all I got was this lousy pink t-shirt."

"If found, please return the Mason County Jail."

Front: "Inmate #8967453"
Back: "Not so Pretty in Pink."

And Hubby's new theme song? "Pink" by Aerosmith.
(just this once I wish Blogger had audio loop on it)

Friday, October 13

Quote of the Day . . . . for Tomorrow

"I am a woman of many moods . . . . . and they all require chocolate."

Quote of the Day

"The good thing about egotists, they don't talk about anybody else." - - Anonymous

Look what I can do!!

Here in all it's glory is my first attempt at wedding cakery. I'm pretty pleased with it if I do say so myself. My sister-in-law got married on Saturday, October 7th and she wanted a big pretty cake but $300-$500 was a little out of the budget range. So I opened my big yap and said, "Hey, I can do that for 50 bucks! That cake lady is crazy!" having never made a wedding cake IN MY LIFE. For once I was able to back up my big mouth. So there.

Thursday, October 12

He's gonna be IMPOSSIBLE to live with.

The media blitz around here came to head yesterday. Hubby was receiving telephone calls from NBC, ABC, MTV, and a slew of other news sources (although I hesitate to actually call MTV a 'news source'). The ABC news affiliate out of Austin and some other news crew came to town yesterday to film Hubby and his pink jail. We watched it on the 6 o'clock news last night. He did pretty good if I do say so myself. He didn't totally humiliate our good name. har har

Today before lunch he calls me and tells me that he got a telephone call from a guy at Scotland Yard in London (?!!?!?!). Then he proceeds to do a horrendous Scottish brogue accent in his unmistakable Texas twang. I almost choked from laughing so hard. He said, "well I couldn't understand anything he was saying!" After wiping the tears from my eyes, I said "Honey, he was probably thinking the same thing!"


Hubby just called. Geraldo will be here on Monday.

This is insane.

Wednesday, October 11

Splish-Splashy Day!

We got a lot of rain in these parts yesterday. A lot. Which makes for a lot of mud. A lot.
The Bear is a 2.5 years old boy.
2.5 year old boy + mud = you do the math.
Splish-splashy day!
Let's go out and play!
Fat clouds in the sky
Shower rain on passersby.
Raindrops sprinkle hands and faces.
Puddles swell in empty places.
Float and swim, Rubber Duck!
Splish-splash by, muddy truck!
See the lightning? Hear the thunder!
Umbrellas up and all get under!
Shiny cars swoosh down the street.
Galoshes slosh upon our feet.
Foggy mist makes monsters dizzy.
Grover's fur gets wet and frizzy.
Get dry inside, out of the rain.
It pit-pats on windowpane.
Tulips lift bright heads and listen.
Green leaves drink, drip, and glisten.
Dark trees dip, bend, and sway.
They dance away the rainy day.
Rainy days are full of fun!
But Herry Monster likes the sun!

Tuesday, October 10

R.I.P. Bevo

Awww, it seems that Bevo 13 passed on to the great pasture in the sky this week. The University of Texas Longhorn's beloved former mascot was 22 years old.

So does this mean that he's gonna "lie in steak" at the Capitol Building?

har har har

(This comment being made by a Texas Tech alumni in good-natured jestering.)

This is just nut . . . .

Okay, Hubby and his pink-themed jail made the front page of the San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times on Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon he gets called to do an on-air interview from a radio station in Dallas.

Last night he was on the NBC-affiliate news in Dallas.

This morning he was in the Fort Star-Telegram and the Houston Chronicle.

Today, he made the Drudge Report and Imus in the Morning.

He got a call shortly before lunch from a Chicago radio station that wants to do an on-air interview in the morning.

He's getting e-mails and telephone calls from all over from people telling him, "Now THAT'S how a jail is supposed to be run!"


Monday, October 9

Okay . . . now he's just a media whore

Apparently a radio station out of Dallas called Hubby this afternoon to do an on-air interview regarding his front page story in the San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times entitled "Justice's New Hue: Not So Pretty in Pink."

No autographs, please.

Quote of the Day

"I have found the paradox . . . if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

- - Mother Teresa

The True Religion of Peace

I know I said I wouldn't post anything political again but this just hit my e-mail box and my spirit was moved to share~

Pray without ceasing . . . for those closest to us, for our churches and schools, for our nation, for our world, and for our enemies.

I Chronicles 7:14 - -

". . . if My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

The True Religion of Peace
By Doug Patton
October 9, 2006

The temptation to comment on the sleaze currently oozing out of Washington in the battle for control of Congress, tainting the guilty and the innocent alike, is almost irresistible. It can wait. A much more important story unfolded last week in an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania, a tale of forgiveness and grace that brings into sharp focus the clash of cultures in which we are now engaged.

We have heard repeatedly over the last five years that Islam is a “religion of peace hijacked by radicals.” The President of the United States, in a vain attempt to appear evenhanded, has told us many times that this is the case. Meanwhile, bigoted “entertainers” like Rosie O’Donnell make millions telling TV audiences about the dangers of “radical Christianity.” And yet we see little real evidence of either point of view.

There are stark differences between the manifestations of radical Christianity, as taught by Christ and His true disciples, and radical Islam, as taught by Mohammed and those who have followed his teachings down through the ages. One is radically merciful, the other radically merciless. One is radically redemptive, the other filled with radical retribution. Indeed, sadly, Islam has no concept for forgiveness. Christianity, on the other hand, is all about forgiveness.

To be sure, there have been those who have used the name of Christ in sick, twisted ways. Two modern examples leap to mind: the Phelps family in Kansas, with their “God Hates Fags” catchphrase (which seems to be the entire theology of their Westboro Baptist church) and the murderers who kill abortionists in the name of God. But when “Christians” like these go awry, they are universally condemned by virtually every Christian leader in the world. No such condemnation is heard from the leaders of Islam. Indeed, the silence from them is deafening.

In Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, radical Christianity has been quietly on display for a long time. Taking the teachings of Jesus Christ and applying them to every aspect of their daily lives, the devout Amish people of this community could not have anticipated the violence that was about to descend upon them and their families in their simple, one-room schoolhouse. And yet, when it came, and when it was clear that death was about to claim their precious daughters, they knew what to do. At least one of the girls in that schoolhouse asked the gunman to kill her first, hoping to spare the life of her sister and the other younger girls, if only briefly. That is the peace of a Christian who knows that physical life is only the beginning of a gift God has given to his children. That is the request of a child who understood I Corinthians 15:55: “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

Consider the grace in evidence last week as the Amish community buried five little girls while loving and praying for the family of the man who murdered them. Then consider the Muslim demands for the death of Pope Benedict and the Danish cartoonist who portrayed Mohammed with a bomb in his turbine, both of whom dared to point out the obvious about the primary prophet of Islam.

Consider the radical Christianity displayed through the long, sacrificial life of Mother Theresa as she ministered to the forgotten dregs of humanity, and then contrast it with the doctrine of those who would fly airplanes into buildings and behead those who disagree with them.

Islamic radicals follow a leader who told them to kill any who would not convert to Islam. Christian radicals follow a leader who laid down His own life to save all of humanity. In which civilization do you want your children and grandchildren live? Those are truly the choices with which we are faced. Which culture will you defend?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ, for His is the true religion of peace.

© Copyright 2006 by Doug Patton

Front page, baby, FRONT PAGE!!!

Hubby made the front page of the closest (89 miles) large circulation newspaper yesterday.

Check it out!

Thursday, October 5

How cool it is

that my Sheriff husband is having breakfast with our Congressman?

They got to be pretty good friends during their campaigns in 2004 and Mike comes through Mason pretty regular.

Funny story: During a particularly nasty time campaigning for election (Hubby's opponent's wife was really working the nasty angle spreading some terribly false and ugly rumors about my husband in our small, everybody-knows-everybody community), we thought maybe running for office and trying to make a difference wasn't such a good idea. Hubby was taking a real beating in the small-mind rumor mill and it seemed like he spent more time and energy deflecting the false, ugly information than sharing with the voters what he wanted to accomplish for our community and our families.

Anyways, Mike came through town with his campaign crew and took Hubby to lunch. Hubby shared with them some of the stuff going on . . . sharing campaign war stories. After telling them all the garbage he had been dealing with, they were like, "Man, what do you when it gets that nasty?"

Hubby said, "I did what any good Texas boy would do, I called my Momma and told her 'Momma, they're bein mean to me!' "

Big roaring laughter from everybody.

That was one of the good days I can remember from the campaign time. They were too few and far between.

If you ever get the opportunity to speak to your local elected officials and you think they're doing a good job, please take the time to let them know. You'd be amazed at the complaint to encouragement ratio in politics.

I'm not saying everything they do is porno but . . .

I find this interesting reading.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way implying that Hollywood should stop making violent, sexually explicit, and/or profanity riddled movies. We all know there is an audience for that venue. Myself (as an adult) included at times.

But I do like the idea of Hollywood making more family-friendly movies. If the linked article's figures are correct, then there is definitely an audience for this venue, too.

Also, while we're on the subject of movies, I have my doubts about the rating system - their idea of PG-13 and my idea of PG-13 are two totally different things. I personally don't believe that a 13-year old is ready to watch heavy petting or that they need to hear the lesser of 4-letter words uttered every 3 seconds. On more than one occasion I have sat in a PG-13 movie thinking it deserved more of a PG-16 or maybe even an R rating. I recently watched an action movie that was rated PG-13 but the the graphic depiction of human injuries and fatalities was kind of strong. But that's just my opinion. Some may think I'm just being an over-sensitive and censorious (? is that a word?) Mom. And it's my right so far as my child is concerned.

Comin' at ya live from the heart of the Bible Belt! ;o)

Wednesday, October 4

Fessin' up

Here's a link to my first attempt at blogging.

What can I say? I was in the irrational throes of reality-addiction.

Whew! Man, I feel better . . . gettin' that monkey off my back.

Comin' clean.

Quote of the Day

"Don't be afraid that your life will end. Be afraid that it will never begin." - - Anonymous

Tuesday, October 3

Quote of the Day

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction. - - Cowboy Proverb

My Dirty Little Habit

Yes, I watched the premiere of "The Bachelor: Rome" last night on ABC.

Yes, I was disappointed.

Yes, I will still watch it to see what happens.

Yes, I am a dork.

Monday, October 2

Quote of the Day

"The practice of putting women on pedestals began to die out when it was discovered that they could give orders better from there." - - Betty Grable

We have a WINNER!!

Looks like 3rd time's a charm for us on the Halloween costume front. Daddy and I went to the city this weekend to see what we could find. Daddy actually wanted to get this one last year but I knew it would go over like a lead balloon (not unlike the Frankenstein costume which we all saw was such a big success).

So here's this year's pick: a cowboy on (actually in) a horse. The Bear is very happy with the choice. So happy, in fact, that we are having a hard time explaining to him why he can't wear it to church/grocery store/playing/school/bed.

My husband slyly insinuates that I should go as a dance hall saloon girl. Yeah. I totally see that happening.

Shame, Shame, Heartbreaking Shame

Regardless of your political or religious affiliation, this should be absolutely reprehensible to us all.

I support freedom of speech but these people are practicing their own form of terrorism upon the families of the deceased. My heart breaks for the parents who lost their child. And it breaks for a society that has bred an environment where individuals feel somehow entitled to display such a complete disregard for basic human decency.

This will be my last political-type post.