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Sunday, October 29

Halloween Havoc 2006

Remember from an earlier post when I was whining about needing to keep my mouth shut about volunteering to do stuff? I'm so glad my big mouth signed myself up for the annual Halloween Hayride. If I forget how great an event it is for the little ones, I need to re-read this post in a year.

We had 26 costumed kiddos show up to go hayriding and trick-or-treating. We had to have TWO trailers of hay to accomodate all the kids and parents. And some grandparents, too! I was able to line up 13 houses for us to stop at and do the "Trick-or-Treat" bit. We started a little earlier this year so we wouldn't be out with the kids on trailers after dark and made it to our "after party" at about 6:30 so we had about an hour of good light to enjoy all the potluck munchies that everyone contributed. The whole thing was even better this year than last year!

But before I take all the credit, I must give props to the parents who contibuted to the tasty spread of munchies (egg rolls, sausage balls, 7 layer dip and chips, nachos, pigs in a blanket, chocolate/caramel dipped green apples!! - -just to list a few of the mouthwatering choices to be had) and to the people who were willing to hand out candy to two dozen frenetic toddlers. Without everyone doing their part and joyfully participating to make it a great experience for our kids, it wouldn't have happened. I'm so thankful to be in a group of parents who are quick to pitch in and even do it with a smile!

I've already got a few good new ideas for next year!!

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Lorraine said...

Congratulations on a job well done. You crazy person, you.