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Friday, March 12

Skanks for the Memories

I know I'm a little bit behind on this one - it is appropriately and thankfully old news.

Butt . . .

After having done my research and truly prepared myself for an objective opinion of the latest "Bachelor" installment, I can honestly say that Jake is a douche. And a oblivious one at that.

I need to qualify this entire post by admitting that I viewed very little of the show itself.  I have gleaned much of my information from the show's website, Chris Harrison's recaps, and entertainment blogs. Because quite frankly, watching the show is a complete exercise in nausea for me. But I still appreciate the entertainment value in that silly little theater of the absurd.

I thought to be a pilot one had to be at least halfway intelligent.  Apparently Lil Jake was doing all the thinking whilst the show was in production because even if Vienna (sausage!!! har har har) wasn't the PT of all time, she came in a pretty close 2nd.  With her bleached out hair and cock-eyed face, she is gonna turn out to be all kinds of heinous in a few years. I'm just sayin . . .

Anyhoo, on to the next season with Ali as the completely spontaneously chosen Bachelorette. ;o)