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Tuesday, April 28

A Call to Prayer Warriors!

Please add my friend Tim's dad to your prayer lists this morning. He suffered a major stroke last night and, although the danger of dying is past, he is in an induced coma. They will be weaning him off medications tomorrow to see the extent of the damage so prayers for his strength and recovery are needed.


Monday, April 27

Figuring It Out

I may not be the brightest bulb on the shelf but I'm figuring this nifty little stuff out. Now my signature will show up appropriately at the end of each of my posts.

Yay for me!

kRaZy deMocRAT aunT

As an addendum to my "Minor Matters" post, here is the text of an email that my aunt (in a northern state) sent to one of my close friends here in Texas (someone that said aunt has NEVER met):

"Too bad you think that President Obama is a disgrace to our country. Well then move to Russia and spare us your right-wing craziness. YOU are a disgrace to our country. We need to pull together and make this country work after the mess that George W Bush has made of it. If you love this country, then get in line or get out."

This from a woman who typed a SIX PARAGRAPH email to me bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship and tolerance from both sides of the aisle. She preached and preached and preached to me about how "we all need to work together to get this country back on track, blah blah blah"

Yeah. Sounds like that bipartisan attitude is really working out for her.

Here's Hubby's!

Thanks for link, Miss L!

What a nifty trick!

You Can Be Yourself and Still Participate

Sunday, April 26

Life Updated

I didn't think I would be writing a post like this again after we moved to my husband's hometown to begin our lives anew and raise a family.

What's that saying about the best laid plans?

Some of you know that my husband was the Sheriff of our county and that in last year's election he was defeated by 12 votes. We lost about 165 votes to the Democratic primary - Democrats that supported my husband but felt very strongly the need to vote in their own primary. In a county of 1,800 registered voters, every single vote counts.

So, after the loss of his job (last day December 31, 2008), we found ourselves in the position of figuring out what we were going to do to support our family yet stay out here in a small town that has a very weak economy. After struggling for almost a year, we have made a very big decision. One that we fought with and really did not want to admit was what needed to happen.

We will be relocating closer to Austin, Texas in the next couple of weeks. My husband has accepted a position with a police department in small resort town. The pay is very well and we will be moving into a very nice new home. Our son will be going to a small well-rated school that is nearby.

Although we are going to have good changes, there are some Mason things that we will miss. We are renting our house to a friend who will take care of my horses so that I will not have to sell them. We have made some very dear friendships here and hopefully the connections will remain.

I'm going to try to keep this blog updated better. So many times I feel the pull to blog about something that catches my attention or something personal that I want to share but then I get distracted and the blogging opportunity passes by.

I'm hoping to start doing better.

Minor Matter

I titled this post "Minor Matter" because it is not high on my priority list but I feel a small need to address it succinctly and quickly.

Politics. In my life there are family members who do not share the same political views that I do. Unfortunately, after being subjected to more than one diatribe about my ignorant opinions and the lousy-ness of my Republican president, I chose not to send any more emails to these people. Keep in mind that one family member gave no thought to reaming me out and pulling out her Democratic soapbox and sending it to MY friends. I absolutely do not disagree that everyone is entitled to their opinions. I do disagree VERY STRONGLY with bad manners. This person showed a complete lack of grace and tolerance when she went on the offensive and brought my email recipients into it. I felt that an appropriate response was an email from her to me only saying, "Listen, I don't appreciate these right-sided emails. You know my politics. Please do not send any like this to me anymore. Thank you. I love you. Auntie."


It was her complete and utter disregard of gracious manners. I cannot even begin to count the number of anti-Bush and pro-Democrat emails I received last year. Not once did I reply to the sender (and/or their email recipients) with an angry, offensive PRO REPUBLICAN tongue lashing. I hit the delete button and moved on to my next email. Que sera sera.

Unfortunately, again, I shared an article written by Peter Heck regarding Obama's "arrogant Americans" speech in Europe. I am assuming that one of the few people I shared it with sent it on to this particular Democratic aunt because I woke up this morning to another diatribe about my continued smearing of the president and another lecture about lack of respect for family. She also apparently found an address for the friend that forwarded it to me and sent a scathing reply to said friend.

I'm not changing my politics or my opinions. I believe in what I believe in. I know what I see and what I hear. If Obama and his supporters don't want negative press, then maybe he should keep the American bashing to a minimum. I'm just saying.

This post has gone on for entirely too long and I'm going to wrap it up. But one last word.

I will continue to expend my positive energy on positive causes that I believe in. I will not expend another minute on people like my Aunt Marcie or my Aunt Liz and their intolerancy.