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Monday, April 27

kRaZy deMocRAT aunT

As an addendum to my "Minor Matters" post, here is the text of an email that my aunt (in a northern state) sent to one of my close friends here in Texas (someone that said aunt has NEVER met):

"Too bad you think that President Obama is a disgrace to our country. Well then move to Russia and spare us your right-wing craziness. YOU are a disgrace to our country. We need to pull together and make this country work after the mess that George W Bush has made of it. If you love this country, then get in line or get out."

This from a woman who typed a SIX PARAGRAPH email to me bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship and tolerance from both sides of the aisle. She preached and preached and preached to me about how "we all need to work together to get this country back on track, blah blah blah"

Yeah. Sounds like that bipartisan attitude is really working out for her.

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