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Friday, November 6

Get There Faster!!

Before I start my own personal funny story, what reminded me of it was the news article yesterday regarding Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James and the ongoing custody battle they are engaged in with Jesse's ex-girlfriend, hardcore porn actress Janine Lindemuld. (Did you know that if you click the link on Janine's name, and your "SafetyNet" is turned on, a warning will pop up about the explicitness of any information or images about her? WOW)

Anyways, the whole online porn thing reminded me of something that happened several years ago when I was working with a Dallas law firm.

There was a female secretary (mid-40s) named Leslie (her real name because, considering what she's put out on the internet, who really gives a shirt if I use her real name?). I did not know her all that well but on the few occasions that I interacted with her for work reasons, she seemed nice enough. One day she was discussing her new boyfriend with a few people in the breakroom.  It seems she had met this younger man online and he was moving from Houston to be with her and yada yada yada. Let me advise you now, good readers, that there was something about Leslie that everyone else knew but I did not.  Apparently, I caught enough of the conversation to hear "swing" and "dancing" and how much she and her new squeeze enjoyed going to the "club."

Fast forward a week or so.  I was thumbing through the weekly alternative "Dallas Observer" when I saw an advertisement for swing dancing and cocktails every Wednesday evening at a popular lounge on Greenville Avenue. Hmm.  Being the helpful and informative person that I am, I tore out the ad and the next time I was by Leslie's desk, I stopped and handed it to her.  "Hey, I don't know if you and John have been to this place but it sounds like it is right up your alley," I perkily suggested to her.  She looked at the ad and gave me a confused look, "Umm, yeah. Okay. Thanks."

Here's where it gets funny.  Through the firm grapevine I finally found out that Leslie and her new boyfriend very much enjoyed swing and dancing, but not swingdancing. Follow me?  They had also just started up their own little website, and for the low low membership price of $19.95 a month you could watch them do . . . interesting . . . acts with themselves and with others.  Leslie also apparently fancied herself a writer because she had quite the "energetic" blog that devoted website members could read to their little perverted hearts' content.

And THAT is when my upstairs lightbulb clicked on. a-HA!

Thursday, November 5

Why the hell not? We GIVE them everything anyway!

So they're still tussling about whether illegal immigrants will be eligible to participate in Obamacare. From what I understand, some Democrats and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus want there to be language added to the proposed healthcare reform bill that will allow illegals to "purchase" insurance coverage. The White House currently does not want it to be allowed.

Why are elected officials pushing for illegals to benefit from our tax dollars?  Why were they elected if this is what they want to do with American money? Basically they want illegals to be given the same exact benefits as LEGAL Americans (who can pay for it) are given.  All the while the illegals are NOT contributing to our nation's income column.  They get to pay in a little and reap a lot.  All without paying one damn tax dollar to keep our government (including programs and infrastructures, etc.) operating.


If I knew they wouldn't hang up on me, I love to call these wrongfully elected illegal-loving politicians and tell them to put the illegals on the politician's own person health insurance policy. I bet they wouldn't be so quick to throw cash around when it comes out of THEIR pocket.  Being fiscally irresponsible with OUR tax dollars apparently is not a concern to them.