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Thursday, November 5

Why the hell not? We GIVE them everything anyway!

So they're still tussling about whether illegal immigrants will be eligible to participate in Obamacare. From what I understand, some Democrats and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus want there to be language added to the proposed healthcare reform bill that will allow illegals to "purchase" insurance coverage. The White House currently does not want it to be allowed.

Why are elected officials pushing for illegals to benefit from our tax dollars?  Why were they elected if this is what they want to do with American money? Basically they want illegals to be given the same exact benefits as LEGAL Americans (who can pay for it) are given.  All the while the illegals are NOT contributing to our nation's income column.  They get to pay in a little and reap a lot.  All without paying one damn tax dollar to keep our government (including programs and infrastructures, etc.) operating.


If I knew they wouldn't hang up on me, I love to call these wrongfully elected illegal-loving politicians and tell them to put the illegals on the politician's own person health insurance policy. I bet they wouldn't be so quick to throw cash around when it comes out of THEIR pocket.  Being fiscally irresponsible with OUR tax dollars apparently is not a concern to them.


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