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Monday, December 13

Kid-losophy 101

A lot of parents out there can probably relate to what I am about to post.  It must be in the little kid DNA to live by the motto: "If one person won't give me the answer I want, I will just go ask somebody that will."

Which brings me to a little problem we have been dealing with lately.  The Bear has gotten in to the habit of asking me or Daddy for something (or to do something) then, when the first askee does not give him the answer he is wanting, he will go to the other parent seeking a more pleasing result.  When that doesn't work in his favor, he resorts to guerrilla tactics:  Do it anyway, then say "Mom (or Dad) said I could!"  Oh yeah . . . the ol' throw the other parent under the bus modus operandi.

Some times I just want to ask him: "Okay, you DO know that Dad and I know each other, right?  And that we occasionally talk to each other?"

This is one of those kid things that even though it is as aggravating as crap, it is still hard not to smile at.  And appreciate his obvious determination.

Tenacity is, for the most part, an admirable trait.  Except when it is being exercised on parents.

Thursday, December 2

WOW! Where'd it GO?

Every once in a while I think of an interesting topic to blog about and, yes, it is something other than politics. But before I can get my butt in front of the computer something else diverts me . . .  "Oh look! a bunny!" . . . so my blogging gets scattered to the . . . well, I forget about it.

But with a new year approaching and several interesting things to ponder, I'm going to try to get back on the blogging wagon.

I have a short list deskside that I will be referring to in the near future as I know you all are awaiting with bated breath!