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Tuesday, August 21

Git yer boots on . . .

We're gearing up for politics around here once again. My husband's re-election campaign will be underway next month. His opponents are already pressing palms and passing out cards. We'll hold off until after he officially files his intent documents with the county clerk (which, by the by, also includes a nice little filing fee of $750).

So my posts (as erratic as they have been and most assuredly will continue to be) will probably be of the personal political nature. Be warned, this blog will be my venting area. Politics in a small little Texas town (with more than its fair share of small little minds) can get very nasty. You have no idea how nasty. Maybe it has something to do with the shallow gene pool around here. They're hacked off because we're trying to deepen it. har har

And, here's something that made me smile.

Hope it does the same for you. But maybe not if you're a Democrat.

Monday, August 6

Priority Completed!

Okay - so my deadline (Friday) came and went and the slideshow didn't get updated.

Well, I just spent my lunch hour getting that task accomplished.