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Sunday, July 29

Priority: Slideshow Update!!

First thing tomorrow morning (okay - maybe some time around 9 am or so CST), my top priority is to update my PhotoBucket slideshow down at the bottom of the page. I've got a few hundred pictures to chose from since I put the slideshow up.

Besides, I know you are all awaiting with bated breath to see what the Bear has been up to lately.

Country Girl Book Review

"just friends" by Robyn Sisman

Let me be the first to admit it: I love chick lit. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what it is that I love about it but all I can say is that I think the stories are good, the personalities of the characters are so familiar, and upon finishing the read - I always feel like it was time well spent.

This week I have been lurking around and spending every single stolen free moment reading "just friends" by Robyn Sisman. After more than one night of turning out the reading lamp after midnight, I closed it this afternoon with a satisfied smile on my face.

Quick synopsis: single British gal in the Big Apple looking for love in all the wrong but entertaining places. She's strong in personality and stubborness but never able to completely get her heart turned to stone in an effort to maintain her emotional walls. She's prickly and sometimes unreasonable . . . . hmmm, sounds like somebody I might know. And I loved her.

I won't go into any details in case you are a chick lit fan and want to pick it up for yourself.

Saturday, July 28

HELP! . . . somebody grab me quick!!

I'm sinking into that cesspool called reality tv.

I have a new favorite now that my hot and heavy obsession with The Bachelor has waned. Significantly. Okay, completely.

I don't care for 99% of the reality tv fodder out there but this one is sucking me in fast and easy.

Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Need I say more? I remember having his Tiger Beat magazine pics plastered all over the inside of my metal locker at school in the 6th grade. good times

Gotta go. Commercials are over.

Monday, July 23

Country Girl Movie Review

"Music & Lyrics" (Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore)

I really liked this movie for several reasons - and not all of them related to the movie itself. First I did like it for the story and the happy ending. Who wouldn't? Secondly, with a nod to Here's the 80's and its creators Lorraine and JP, the soundtrack was absolute heaven to this 80's era kid.

But you want to know what made me enjoy this movie even more? The fact that it reminded me that I still like Hugh Grant - despite his very public (and hysterically funny) solicitation incident while he was dating the unbelievably beautiful model Elizabeth Hurley. He's still a great actor and he nailed the has-been 80's pop star "spot on" - as those across the pond would say.

And who doesn't love Drew Barrymore? She's endearing (as always) and I totally related to her (based on previous personal experience during my single years). The funniest scene in the movie (to me) was the scene in the hotel ladies' room when she told Hugh, "Look at me, I can't go out there like this. I haven't showered in days, my clothes must reek, and there are bugs in my teeth from the helicopter!" To which Hugh says, "Wait just a moment. I'll be right back." He exits the ladies room and she has this hopeless look on her face and then does the "teeth sucking" thing in an attempt dislodge said errant bugs. Hilarious!! Been there, done that. (No helicopter but a motorcycle - same effect.)

So, although I don't allude to the eschelons pronouncing this movie dubbed with any number of Exalted Koi Heads, I do dub it a great movie that is totally worth the watching.

Maybe I'll give my movie reviews some type of designations - I'll have to think on it a bit.

Friday, July 13

New Understanding of Old Information

My NetFlix choice last week was "Iron Jawed Angels" - WOW. I won't discuss the movie in detail but the subject matter is suffrage and the fight for women to vote.

I remember remarking to my husband during the movie that "this sure is not reflective of what was in our junior high textbooks. We were only told names and dates - they sure never printed anything about the real sacrifices and abuses that those women endured."

I kissed my voter registration card good-night. And said a very grateful "Thank you."

Thursday, July 12

No Shortage of Unthinking People

Here is a link to a very interesting, and all too often common, story. I know there are a lot of people who do not agree with our armed forces being in the Middle East.

But despite the differing views, our enlisted personnel are fighting and dying in the name of freedom. Whose freedom? Take a look at the globe, my friend. Our little slice of democracy only exists here on the northern continent. Everywhere else a citizen's freedoms and privileges are under the direct control of the government.

Bad mouth our government as much as you want - I do on occasion (taxes, bureacratic red tape, etc) - but it is the best game going and I would absolutely NOT want to be anywhere else.

Coming up for air . . .

I am so bummed that I cannot maintain my blog like I used to. I can barely maintain communications with my favorite fellow bloggers.

And I don't know if, or when, that will ever change.

But I'm not giving up.

Between the job, summer activities, family deaths, family reunions, vacations, etc. - my blogging time is even less than before. And before it was pretty much nil.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!