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Thursday, July 12

No Shortage of Unthinking People

Here is a link to a very interesting, and all too often common, story. I know there are a lot of people who do not agree with our armed forces being in the Middle East.

But despite the differing views, our enlisted personnel are fighting and dying in the name of freedom. Whose freedom? Take a look at the globe, my friend. Our little slice of democracy only exists here on the northern continent. Everywhere else a citizen's freedoms and privileges are under the direct control of the government.

Bad mouth our government as much as you want - I do on occasion (taxes, bureacratic red tape, etc) - but it is the best game going and I would absolutely NOT want to be anywhere else.

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Liz said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. Each and every service death hits close to my heart. These small acts of tribute mean so much because they show the family and friends that others have noticed their families loss. Forget being a supporter of the war or not, a young person dying overseas is something that requires all of us to notice. Sure, it's a job like any other but unlike those walking the streets or living off the government they are out doing their job and sacrificing by agreeing to be away from their families, something many are unwilling to do.

Thanks for sharing.