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Friday, July 22

It's Not that I'm Not Grateful. . .

because I'm really not.

We got back from two wonderful weeks in the mountains of northern New Mexico and this has been my first week back to work.

It blows.

Don't get me wrong. I am very grateful/lucky/cursed to have a job (even though it pays what I made in Dallas in 1994) and I would much rather have it than deal with unemployment and foodstamps.

But going on vacation away from the infernal Texas heat only brings into brilliant focus what is wrong with our life.  Currently, we cannot even go outside and play with our son for fear of heatstroke or dehydration.  And this summer is not all that unusual for us Texans as it is for northeasterners and northerners.  The drought situation comes around here every few years or so.  The last "nice" summer we had was in 2008.  It rained frequently and the temp barely made it to 95° a couple of days.

While we were on vacation, we played outside EVERY SINGLE day!  If we weren't riding the 4wheelers, we were hiking.  If we weren't hiking, we were fishing.  If we weren't fishing, we were in town walking all over the place and playing at the playground. Just DOING STUFF as a family.

With this freaking heat, we pretty much hang out at the house in our pajamas in the a/c.  Day in and day out.

I WANT MORE LIFE!!!!  And it's NOT to be found inside the house every single day of summer!!!!!

Something is going to change.