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Thursday, September 28

Costume Quandary

You ever heard that saying, "Somebody stop me before I volunteer again!!" Well, somebody seriously needs to stop me. Seriously.

Last year in my excitement about the Bear's first Halloween (okay - technically it was his second but really it was the first one that he was semi-aware of), I went and opened my big yap to some other parent friends and said, "Hey, why don't we do a Halloween Hayride and take the kids around to a dozen houses or so and then have an after party with a bonfire and munchies and everything?!?!!" Everybody was like, "Yeah, that sounds great!! Let's do it!! You organize it."

Now organizing something like a Halloween Hayride for 24 kids (most of them toddlers) may not sound like much but, trust me, I could have taken a leave of absence from my full-time job to plan it and still not had any free time. There's the rig (truck and trailer) to line up, multiple bales of hay for everyone to sit on (and hay ain't cheap around here after a drought), you gotta call all the folks you know who don't have little ones that would want to hand out candy to a gaggle of rowdy 2-foot Trick-or-Treaters. Then there's the after party stuff to plan and giving a dozen set of parents their marching orders on what to bring and where to bring it and what time to be where.

Well, apparently my big yap knows the calendar because it went said the same thing again this year. Plus it added an idiotic comment like, " . . . and hey! we should do this every year and make it an annual event!!!" SOMEBODY STOP ME! SERIOUSLY!

Now for the actual purpose of this post. The Bear's costume. His first costume at 7 months was a cute little black and white bull with horns and everything. See the look of pure misery on his face? Awwww

And last year he wasn't any happier with the costume of choice: Frankenstein. See same look of misery on his face in picture 2. Awwww

Last year Daddy got the honors of riding on the trailer with the Bear and do all the trick-or-treating while I navigated the truck on a pre-determined map of candy locations.

Now this year it's my turn to Trick-or-Treat with the Bear and I want to dress up, too! Daddy wants him to be a cowboy or Spider Man or Bob the Builder but I happened upon a great costume website and how darling would it be if I dressed up as Snow White and he went as Prince Charming??!!!? My husband had this look of "Oh for the love of pete, woman, don't do that to my son!"

We'll see what happens. Cuz everybody knows if Momma ain't happy . . . nobody's happy.


Missy said...

Well I for one think it is a great costume idea.

About two years ago my eldest wanted to be a policeman for halloween, I thought it would be really funny to put her younger sister in one of those striped prisoner costumes with a ball and chain.

No one else (most importantly my youngest) thought it was quite as funny. So she was a cat.

Stick to yer guns!

Lorraine said...

Just the other day The Child and I were reviewing a list of her early Halloween costumes. Of course, I can't remember anything past year 4, when I made her a Dalmatian suit. (And I don't sew).

Next year, when it's getting on to Halloween time, give me a call and I'll come down and walk around with you and whack you every time you start talking about hay rides. (Although, let's face it, you are creating some superfantastic memories for all the little darlings).

jLow said...

Missy - with my husband being a peace officer, I thought it would be absolutely hysterical if I went as a cop and he went as a prisoner in one of those orange jumpsuits.

Surprisingly, he didn't go for it.