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Thursday, October 26

Just a simple frock . . .

I've decided to sell my wedding dress. I know, I know - - what if I need it again? You never know when I might decide to kick this current husband to the curb! What with all the toothpaste and whiskers in the sink and the dirty socks on the floor . . . why I keep him around is a mystery to me.

Oh wait - - I'm in love with the big galoot!

Go figure.

So, I've had the dress cleaned and bagged up. Next trip to the city I will either leave it in the capable hands of a consignment shop or (hopefully) sell it directly to a wedding dress rental shop. Just get it over and done with, no worrying about shipping it to someone who may or may not pay for it or selling it to someone who ships it back because it doesn't fit. I want to leave all that headache to the stores that sign up for that kind of bidness.

Fare thee well, lovely wedding dress. You made a beautiful day more lovely by your simple presence (and no-alterations-needed fit). Many wishes that you will again put sparkles in another bride's eyes.

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Lorraine said...

I think that's very brave of you. I still have mine, even though I know that I won't wear it again because when I marry Steve Martin I'm so buying a new dress (I'm thinking Vera Wang this time around).