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Thursday, October 26

We're goin' down!

Okay - just saw the notice where Blogger is going to be down for a couple of hours starting at 2pm PDT. That's in about 15 minutes Texas time.

What am I gonna do for TWO WHOLE HOURS without Blogger??!

How can they do this? I mean, surely they can pick a better time, like 3 am or something. Don't they realize that the majority of us Bloggers are wasting precious employer time by blogging with each other?

The travesty, the inhumanity, the pure and simple injustice! We should all







Lorraine said...

I was just thinking that...until I realized that strictly speaking my 2pm PDT is someone else's wee hours of the morning. I still don't like it, though!

Eric said...

The poor Blogspot admins have families too.