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Tuesday, October 10

This is just nut . . . .

Okay, Hubby and his pink-themed jail made the front page of the San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times on Sunday.

Yesterday afternoon he gets called to do an on-air interview from a radio station in Dallas.

Last night he was on the NBC-affiliate news in Dallas.

This morning he was in the Fort Star-Telegram and the Houston Chronicle.

Today, he made the Drudge Report and Imus in the Morning.

He got a call shortly before lunch from a Chicago radio station that wants to do an on-air interview in the morning.

He's getting e-mails and telephone calls from all over from people telling him, "Now THAT'S how a jail is supposed to be run!"



Lorraine said...

The Spouse's motto: "Think pink".

When's he going to be on "Oprah"?

Lorraine said...

And please tell me you're going to do a recap of last night's "Bachelor".