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Monday, October 16

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

For those of you who know me personally (and I'm not holding my breath that any of those personally people actually ready this blog), you know that one of my most endearing traits is my OCD. Okay, okay, so maybe it's not endearing so much as it is annoying but hey, it is part of who I am so love me or leave me. But make sure you leave everything where you found it. har har har

My giddyness, YES, giddyness is due in no small part to my new closet arrangement. Hubby and I went to Home Depot this weekend and got ourselves some badly needed clothes organization supplies to properly organize our closets. His closet consists of our 3rd bedroom so he gets no sympathy for having no organization until this point, cuz boyfriend had the space. But MY closet? It's not a closet - it's a crawlspace.

Now it's called a "walk-in" closet and I won't argue that point with you. You can most definitely "walk in." But about all you can do is turn a 180 and walk right back out. It's like a tall small square tube. It measures about 4 feet by 5 feet and is about 10 feet high. I had two clothes rods - one on each side. Each rod had a single shelf above it. That was it. I know, I know. The sheer horror of it all. To even suggest that a clothes maven such as myself should be relegated to such a small inadequate space to store not only my shoes, but ALL of my clothing is almost beyond comprehension.

This is where the endearing part of my OCD kicks in. Hubby is very supportive of my attempts (did you catch that . . . "attempts") at organizing various and sundry areas of our home. I guess he realizes that not only does it satisfy a need I have (to feed the OCD) but it also satisfies the needs of a 2.5 year old (to dismantle our household on a regular basis). So he just sits back and enjoys the show.

So we stocked up on Rubbermaid closet accessories on Saturday and yesterday afternoon I GLEEFULLY set about installing all of the wonderful new closet organization goodies. I'm attaching a photo herewith (it's not my actual closet but a much better rendering of the beauty of an organized closet). I should also note at this point that the Rubbermaid products are just as good in quality as the Elfa products found at the Container Store but at oh so much more affordable prices. (I say this after having spent $600 at one point in my single-with-cash-to-burn life to organize a closet in a rented condo.)

(Okay - - apparently Blogger is not agreeable to uploading photos today so I will try again tomorrow.)

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Lorraine said...

I get this. Totally. I feel your joy.

jLow said...

Lorraine, then I know I can safely share with you that I have more than once stepped into my closet to just bask in the glorious organization of it!

gina said...

We did this in the 3rd bedroom closet after the daughter moved out, and it's so great. Then we did our closet, which was great too, but it's waaaayyyyy too small. It's one of those 2 foot deep by 8 foot wide closets with sliding doors so the stuff in the middle is totally inaccessible... my stuff is still crammed in to half the closet, my shoes are a jumbled mess on the floor of the closet with stacks of jeans I just know I'll fit into again some day on top of them... it's so sad. So, I go to the 3rd bedroom to bask in that closet's glory. :)