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Monday, October 16

Self-control has never been one of my strengths.

Have you ever experienced anger on behalf of a loved one that exceeded any anger you've ever felt on your own behalf? I know the Moms out there understand what I'm talking about - - don't mess with our babies if you don't want to tangle with a mad mama bear.

I know I should not have . . . but I did. And it wasn't really anger so much as it was irritation.

But c'mon.

If you're going to engage yourself in a battle of wits in this arena, you better come flippin' armed.


Lorraine said...

You go, girl! I'm sure there are people who can make perfectly reasonable arguments as to why they don't like the pink jail idea and that is their right. But just getting pissy for the sake of pissy and then spelling words incorrectly to boot...he deserved to go to the woodshed.

Whack! The Sheriff's wife is in town, she can spell and y'all best be steppin' back!

jLow said...

LOL!! L - you make me smile!!! Thanks for the support!

gina said...

Oh JLow, I just HAD to go and post my own comment on that blog (anonymously, of course, cuz I don't need the likes of Mr. Poverty Lawyer messing with my blog). WHAT an idiot he is. I had to point out the he also spelled recidivism incorrectly. Looks like he got the mama bear riled up (and rightly so!), and now her grammar/spelling nazi blog buddy is letting him have it too!

I'm so glad Lorraine "introduced" us. I think we three could have one heck of a good time together!

jLow said...

G - I posted anonymously too because I didn't want Poverty Lawyer making tracks to my blog either.

But the topics he raises are interesting ones and since I have an opinion on everything, I enjoy the banter.

Isn't it wonderful how this incredible tool called the internet has created some beautiful little communities, like our blogging buddies?? ;o)

gina said...

JLow - I'm a technology geek, so one would expect that I would love the internet, but my love for it goes way beyond geekiness. I really do enjoyo and appreciate the friends I have made over the years, via Compuserve forums in the old days, and via blogging and email these days. How else would we all have met? It's so great!