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Thursday, October 12

He's gonna be IMPOSSIBLE to live with.

The media blitz around here came to head yesterday. Hubby was receiving telephone calls from NBC, ABC, MTV, and a slew of other news sources (although I hesitate to actually call MTV a 'news source'). The ABC news affiliate out of Austin and some other news crew came to town yesterday to film Hubby and his pink jail. We watched it on the 6 o'clock news last night. He did pretty good if I do say so myself. He didn't totally humiliate our good name. har har

Today before lunch he calls me and tells me that he got a telephone call from a guy at Scotland Yard in London (?!!?!?!). Then he proceeds to do a horrendous Scottish brogue accent in his unmistakable Texas twang. I almost choked from laughing so hard. He said, "well I couldn't understand anything he was saying!" After wiping the tears from my eyes, I said "Honey, he was probably thinking the same thing!"


Hubby just called. Geraldo will be here on Monday.

This is insane.


Lorraine said...

You just said the Geraldo thing for dramatic effect, right? I gotta catch one of these news stories so I can shout out, "Hey! I read that guy's wife's blog!"

jLow said...

No, I'm serious about Geraldo. The "Geraldo at Large" crew will be in town on Monday. Last night at supper the phone rang and it was a news reporter from Columbia and an interpreter! All I could hear was "Shereeef Cleeent Low macho macho macho macho!"

Paul Harvey talked about it on Wednesday and yesterday. The news station KLST from San Angelo was here today and just before lunch the BBC called.

I swear I'm not making this up.

Go on Google and type in Mason pink jail and see what comes up. There's quite a few Bloggers talking about it, too.

jLow said...

oops, Colombia.

I know my geography, promise. My extended education was not completely in vain.

Lorraine said...

The BBC? Holy frakking crap. Oprah's people are next, I swear!

Bad Alice said...

I came here via Lorraine and I'm just tickled pink. Har har--I don't usually indulge in bad jokes. I lived in Arizona for a number of years, where Arpaio dressed inmates in pink underwear. I wonder what kind of effect it will have? I'm imagining brawny toughened criminals lifting weights while dressed in pink.

jLow said...

Well these pansies we lock up down here don't want to go outside in case somebody sees them.

And Mason County isn't going to spend money on weights or tv or a new basketball court for these losers either.