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Wednesday, October 11

Splish-Splashy Day!

We got a lot of rain in these parts yesterday. A lot. Which makes for a lot of mud. A lot.
The Bear is a 2.5 years old boy.
2.5 year old boy + mud = you do the math.
Splish-splashy day!
Let's go out and play!
Fat clouds in the sky
Shower rain on passersby.
Raindrops sprinkle hands and faces.
Puddles swell in empty places.
Float and swim, Rubber Duck!
Splish-splash by, muddy truck!
See the lightning? Hear the thunder!
Umbrellas up and all get under!
Shiny cars swoosh down the street.
Galoshes slosh upon our feet.
Foggy mist makes monsters dizzy.
Grover's fur gets wet and frizzy.
Get dry inside, out of the rain.
It pit-pats on windowpane.
Tulips lift bright heads and listen.
Green leaves drink, drip, and glisten.
Dark trees dip, bend, and sway.
They dance away the rainy day.
Rainy days are full of fun!
But Herry Monster likes the sun!

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Toddlers and mud! Yeah!!!!