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Monday, October 2

We have a WINNER!!

Looks like 3rd time's a charm for us on the Halloween costume front. Daddy and I went to the city this weekend to see what we could find. Daddy actually wanted to get this one last year but I knew it would go over like a lead balloon (not unlike the Frankenstein costume which we all saw was such a big success).

So here's this year's pick: a cowboy on (actually in) a horse. The Bear is very happy with the choice. So happy, in fact, that we are having a hard time explaining to him why he can't wear it to church/grocery store/playing/school/bed.

My husband slyly insinuates that I should go as a dance hall saloon girl. Yeah. I totally see that happening.


Lorraine said...
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Lorraine said...

That's adorable. And you so should go as a dance hall girl. Is Daddy going to go as the Sheriff?

(And is he actually a sheriff for real or running for it for the first time?)

jLow said...

Daddy is actually the Sheriff - he won the election in '04 (after a very ugly campaign by his opponent's wife??!!!?).

And if I can find a dance hall girl costume that doesn't prominently display "the girls" (I will be herding a gaggle of toddlers around to Trick or Treat, after all), I will seriously consider donning the outfit.