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Saturday, October 14

PINK! It's like red but not quite

We've been working on ideas for pink t-shirts around here:

"Do the crime and do not think, you'll do the time in the pink."

"In Mason County, Texas -
Drunk driving fine . . . . $1,500
Attorneys' fees . . . . . $2,500
Court costs . . . . . $125
Doing time in a pink jail . . . Priceless!"

"I did time in the Mason County Jail and all I got was this lousy pink t-shirt."

"If found, please return the Mason County Jail."

Front: "Inmate #8967453"
Back: "Not so Pretty in Pink."

And Hubby's new theme song? "Pink" by Aerosmith.
(just this once I wish Blogger had audio loop on it)

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