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Tuesday, October 24

Death of a President

Has anyone else seen this? It sounds like it would be very interesting and I hope to be able to catch it at one of its three showings in Texas.

I was not alive when President Kennedy was assinated in Dallas so I have no frame of reference but given our very turbulent world, the impact of the death of the American president would probably (at least in my mind) have a profound affect on world politics. Or maybe not.

One question I do have is: if our President (no matter who it is) were killed on purpose for politically-motivated reasons but the murder was not witnessed by the public, would the public even be told about it?

Now I sound like Mel Gibson from "Conspiracy Theory."

arrgghh apparently I am in need of some caffeine

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Lorraine said...

I've heard of this but hadn't seen any previews. And I'd remark upon your very interesting questions except that I'm still getting over that oh so casual "I was not alive when President Kenneday was assisnated" line. That kind of talk makes me feel old.