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Sunday, October 22


Hubby just got a call from CBS - Katie Couric's crew will be here in Mason tomorrow to film him and the pink jail. Apparently "everyone wants to see more of the pink Texas jail," according to the CBS representative.

It will air on Friday evening during the CBS Evening News. It is called the Assignment America segment of the show.

I'll keep everybody posted of any new and interesting developments.


Lorraine said...

Oh. My. Gosh. There'll be no living with him now.

I'm going to have to tape it as we have a Halloween Carnival at school that night. It'll be my second time watching Katie.

jLow said...

Yeah - I'm a Diane Sawyer girl - maybe it's the Southern thing. But I watched Katie on Friday to see the snippet about voting. I wasn't impressed.

I read somewhere that CBS had fallen to 3rd in the evening news slot between the Big Three (ABC, CBS, and NBC).

I almost feel sorry for her and her multi-million dollar contract.

Lorraine said...

Yeah. Almost.