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Sunday, October 22

Houston, we have LIFT OFF!!!

Finally! $165 and ten months later the Bear decided to take his big truck for a spin. And guess what? He had so much fun we almost couldn't get him out of it come dark time.

Blame on it the fact that he is the little boy his Daddy thought he wouldn't have or blame it on Mommy who has a hard time saying no to anything for her only baby. But last Christmas when the Bear was only 18 months old we lined up "Santa" to bring him a battery powered truck that he could ride in.

Not surprisingly, he didn't want anything to do with it. It made strange noises and it moved way too quick for Mommy not to be running behind it providing the power. So for the last ten months the truck has sat patiently under the carport waiting to be discovered and played with. Oh, it has been pulled out a couple of times and "worked" on but the gas pedal has been carefully avoided. It has a neat little covered "trunk" to stash rocks, and Puppy, and golf balls, and other various important items to the Bear. But it had not fulfilled it's full potential until yesterday.

I have no idea why he decided that the time had come to conquer the truck, but we just got back from town and the Bear walked straight to it and said, "I'm gonna drive my truck." He got in and pushed the gas pedal and took off across the front yard. Straight into a fence post. I ran and helped him turn it around. He took off again.

"I'm gonna chase the dog."

Hank looked at us like, "What are you DOING to me??!!??"

The day started off wonderfully and ended even better!!!

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Lorraine said...

Boys and their autos. It was bound to happen.