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Thursday, October 5

How cool it is

that my Sheriff husband is having breakfast with our Congressman?

They got to be pretty good friends during their campaigns in 2004 and Mike comes through Mason pretty regular.

Funny story: During a particularly nasty time campaigning for election (Hubby's opponent's wife was really working the nasty angle spreading some terribly false and ugly rumors about my husband in our small, everybody-knows-everybody community), we thought maybe running for office and trying to make a difference wasn't such a good idea. Hubby was taking a real beating in the small-mind rumor mill and it seemed like he spent more time and energy deflecting the false, ugly information than sharing with the voters what he wanted to accomplish for our community and our families.

Anyways, Mike came through town with his campaign crew and took Hubby to lunch. Hubby shared with them some of the stuff going on . . . sharing campaign war stories. After telling them all the garbage he had been dealing with, they were like, "Man, what do you when it gets that nasty?"

Hubby said, "I did what any good Texas boy would do, I called my Momma and told her 'Momma, they're bein mean to me!' "

Big roaring laughter from everybody.

That was one of the good days I can remember from the campaign time. They were too few and far between.

If you ever get the opportunity to speak to your local elected officials and you think they're doing a good job, please take the time to let them know. You'd be amazed at the complaint to encouragement ratio in politics.

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Lorraine said...

I think that is very cool.

And I'm so sorry, even after the fact, that your husband's campaign was so dirty. I wish someone would introduce legislation making it a crime to say anything about a candidate outside of the person's actual positions/voting record. I had all the Swift Boat style stuff that is going on, no matter which side is doing it.

I honestly have so much respect for your husband even bothering to run...all the crap that goes with campaigning too often keeps good people out of the process just because they don't want to subject themselves to the stupidity.