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Thursday, October 5

I'm not saying everything they do is porno but . . .

I find this interesting reading.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way implying that Hollywood should stop making violent, sexually explicit, and/or profanity riddled movies. We all know there is an audience for that venue. Myself (as an adult) included at times.

But I do like the idea of Hollywood making more family-friendly movies. If the linked article's figures are correct, then there is definitely an audience for this venue, too.

Also, while we're on the subject of movies, I have my doubts about the rating system - their idea of PG-13 and my idea of PG-13 are two totally different things. I personally don't believe that a 13-year old is ready to watch heavy petting or that they need to hear the lesser of 4-letter words uttered every 3 seconds. On more than one occasion I have sat in a PG-13 movie thinking it deserved more of a PG-16 or maybe even an R rating. I recently watched an action movie that was rated PG-13 but the the graphic depiction of human injuries and fatalities was kind of strong. But that's just my opinion. Some may think I'm just being an over-sensitive and censorious (? is that a word?) Mom. And it's my right so far as my child is concerned.

Comin' at ya live from the heart of the Bible Belt! ;o)

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Lorraine said...

Bible Belt or no, I completely agree that the ratings are of no help whatsoever. And I agree that 13 is a little young for most of the things the ratings board deems appropriate.

When I'm trying to figure out what's appropriate for The Child I often check out the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website. They have movie reviews and their own rating system. I don't always agree with their take on things either, but at least I understand why they rate things as they do, which makes it easier for me to make an informed decision.

Call me crazy, but I think that it's our job as parents to try and keep the home as safe a haven as possible for as long as possible. I think you can raise intelligent, informed kids without throwing everything at them at a tender age.