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Tuesday, October 3

My Dirty Little Habit

Yes, I watched the premiere of "The Bachelor: Rome" last night on ABC.

Yes, I was disappointed.

Yes, I will still watch it to see what happens.

Yes, I am a dork.


Lorraine said...

Crap. I watched it too and I so wasn't going to. But there was this hour between my sitcoms and "Studio 60" and what was I going to do? Read a book? Write a letter?

I feel like such a tool. (And how much do we hate that Paris Hilton wannabe? Geez, if she last for any length of time...)

jLow said...

The Paris-wannabe "Erica" - oh gag. As soon as she opened her mouth my palm was itchin to slap her!

And, of course, I will be back for more next week.

But I REFUSE to buy any products that are advertised. I have to draw the dignity line somewhere.