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Tuesday, October 31

Always a Bride . . .

Not that anyone is asking, but I've wondered a couple of times if some readers are thinking, "What a loser! Why does she keep her bridal pic up on her profile?"

Because, you know, I'm a smart a$$ like that so I would be saying the same thing.

My reasons for my profile picture are two:
(1) It's one of the best pictures of me and I am oh-so-NOT-photogenic; and
(2) It's the first picture I've seen of myself where my late Mother's face is visible in mine.

Now you know.


Alan said...

I think its great that you see the value in family resemblance. I remember when people would tell me I look like my mother when I was young, I'd cringe. Now, I take it as the highest compliment.

Lorraine said...

That's almost exactly what I told The Spouse when he wondered aloud about the picture (he didn't use the word "loser", though). Geez, up until the wedding in September I hadn't taken a decent picture since my own wedding!

jLow said...

Alan, I remember cringing myself when compared to my Mother in my younger days. (Oh please, Lord in heaven, don't do that to me!!!) Now I'm like you - it's the highest compliment anyone can pay me.

L - I guess the desire to be photogenic is a girl thing becaue we seem to be the only ones concerned about how we look in other people's wedding pictures!