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Friday, January 20

Historically Significant

At least in our house it is.

For the first time in the twelve years since we first met, me and Big Daddy are fans of the same team.

Keep in mind we still root for different NASCAR drivers. We have our limits, y'know.

I've been a Patriots fan for about 16 years.  I was a Bledsoe girl before it was cool.  Big Daddy has been a Cowboys (blech) fan his whole life and about 10 years ago he started liking the Colts.  Peyton Manning is his all time favorite player.

But this past season has been a lot of fun for more than one reason.  I enjoyed watching the Detroit Lions make somewhat of a comeback.  I'm an underdog kind of fan.  I want the guy who is expected to lose to overcome and make everybody's pulse rate quicken.  While I was unhappy with Schwartz's (coach) inability to enforce better sportsmanship of his team, I still enjoyed see Matthew Stafford and the rest of the Lions play like they meant it.

The other reason this season was so much fun is because of Tim Tebow.  And if you are an anti-bandwagon kind of person, you may as well stop reading now.  Because we whole-heartedly jumped onto the Tebow Express bandwagon!  And it's not just because of his plays on the field.  It's because of who he is as a human being.

Praise God we finally have a crazy popular athlete that chooses humility and kindness instead of smack talk and poor fashion choices.

I'm a parent to a 7 year old boy who, like 99% of all young kids, watches how adults act and interact with each other.  I see how what he witnesses reflects in how he interacts with others.  And to top it off, the kid is a Broncos fan.  We bought him a jersey and helmet for Christmas about 3 years ago but the only one in his size was Broncos.  We went ahead and got it because, hey! one of Big Daddy's best friends is the son of a former Broncos coach.

So this year found me and Big Daddy both squarely in the Broncos fan base.  It's been pretty great and a lot of fun.  Big Daddy wants a Tebow jersey and so does the Bear.  I'm looking to get hooked up with a Dumervil jersey - due to my maiden name I'm pretty sure we're related some how. ;o)

Since Ellway's straightened up his attitude (or be run out of Denver on a rail!) and given Tebow the props he so rightly deserves, I'm excited to see how next season kicks off.

But for now . . . . GO CARL EDWARDS!!


Simply Suthern said...

Love Tebow!! Hard to beat his work ethics and humility. But his faith is best of all.

Lots of folks intimidated by his faith. Dark cant stand the light.

But Cousin Carl??? Oh my.

I'll take Gordo every time.

jLow said...


so you're not perfect after all . . .


Simply Suthern said...

Perfect?? Who the heck said that??

And thats Jeff Gordon Not Robbie. I'm sure that makes no difference huh?? LOL

Next time I see Carl I'll tell him he has one fan.