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Monday, January 9

Crapbooking, er . . . SCRAPbooking

I started scrapbooking about 12 years ago when I fell in love with Big Daddy.  I mean, isn't that what normal people usually do when they fall in love?  Start a new expensive, time-consuming hobby to memorialize their budding relationship?

Actually it started with the wedding and the fact that the scrapbooking craze was in high gear.  We both kind of wanted to do the scrapbook because we loved taking photos of ourselves.  Ok, me not so much.  But Big Daddy loves the camera and the camera is somewhat fond of him with good lighting.

So anyways, I started the scrapbook with our first date - my firm's annual Christmas party - and continued through the next year or so to our wedding and subsequent move to the country.

Then I opened my own store.  Plus got knocked up.

Needless to say, the scrapbooking fell to the wayside.  And anyone familiar with scrapbooking knows that once you fall behind, you will NEVER catch up.  Eight years later and I have a LARGE plastic lidded bin full of pictures and ticket stubs and newsclippings and Bear artwork to keep me busy through a summer of unemployment. But hopefully it won't come to that.

I was pawing through the bin this weekend when I found a couple of small "pre-templated" scrapbooks I snagged at a clearance sale.  One is labeled "Family" and the other is labeled "Travel."  I think these two little boogers may help me get a little jumpstart on clearing out that bin.

Plus I have an almost 8 year old assistant to help me!

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Simply Suthern said...

The wife loves to scrapbook.

I got her a Cricut and Creative Memory tools and she has a scrapping area in the bonus room.

But she got behind and you're righ. There is no catching up.

8 yr old assisstant? LOL LOL LOL
Our 9 yr old helps too.
Let me know how that works out.