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Tuesday, January 24

Law of Percentages

In previous posts I've shared some the Bear's more entertaining comments and observations.  Even though before parenthood people tell you how funny kids are, one does not fully understand the extent of the hilarity until they give birth to their own little comic.

So these days we are dealing with the normal 2nd grader angst: who is friends with whom, whose birthday is next, why are girls so weird, stuff he wants to do after school, etc.

But lately when we ask him what he wants to eat, does he want to play baseball, does he like his new teacher, the Bear is answering in percentages.

Me: "So you think you want chicken or pizza for dinner?"

Him: "Weeeeelllllllllll, I want chicken 30% and pizza 70%."

Me: "Okay.  So that's a yes on the pizza?"

Him: "No. I think it's 60% chicken and 40% pizza."

Me: "So you want chicken?"

Him: "No I want pizza."

Or this exchange yesterday-

Me: "It's getting closer to time to sign up for baseball.  Are you thinking you want to play again this year?"

Him: "Right now I'm about 85% that I want to play. How much weeks do I have to decide?"

Me: "Probably about three weeks."

Him: "Okay.  I should be at 100% by then."

We have no idea where the percentages came in but I guess it's a good thing that he takes time to consider his options.  Shows some type of patience, right?


Simply Suthern said...


Thats cute.

And at least his percentages add up to a 100%.

Ive seen folks spout them off and come up over or under.

Im not thinking they cover percentages in 2nd grade.

jLow said...

The kid has some crazy math skrills. We are perplexed as to where he got it from. But glad he got it just the same!!