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Monday, February 25

I'm glad I'm not a Democrat . . . seriously.

Okay, I know I have jested in the past about Democrats and Hillary but in all seriousness I am glad I am not a Democrat during this primary season.

I think we can all agree that not everything that is spoken by a politician* is the God's honest truth and if you don't agree then you're delusional and you really should not be allowed to vote. But I don't make the rules so there you go.

Back to the Democratic primary. I can truly see where both Hillary and Obama would not be bad choices for the party candidate. Hillary is right when she says that Obama does not have the experience to be Commander in Chief. If you're not an incumbent, then that point is pretty much a given. Dick Cheney does not have the experience to be President although he DOES have the experience to be Vice President. See where I'm going with this? I know I am picking at words but that is what campaigns are about. Seek and destroy via semantics.

Here's another word to jump on: proven. The only person currently proven to be President is GWB because he IS the President. Goodly or badly he is the proven President. If you have never been President in your life, you ARE NOT proven. Wat a minute, maybe Hillary IS proven?;o]

But back to the Democratic candidates. I love to listen to Obama talk. Man, he is smooth. I listen to him and find myself agreeing with a LOT of what he is saying. But herein lies the rub - what you say you want to do/we need to do is a very different thing from what you will be allowed to do. My husband (elected official) has great ideas for our little community. Ideas that include technology for better information, quicker resolution, etc. Ideas that include expanding the department to offer more jobs, provide better response. etc. Ideas that include protecting our community from a multi-billion dollar lawsuit due to dangerous inmate housing. And he could get these great things done but for one thing: the elected officials who speak on behalf (?) their districts and vote against anything that would be cost effective or pro-active. God forbid that they approve the expenditure of $1,000 to prevent a possible (most likely) future expense of $50,000.

Despite everything that Obama or Hillary say that they WILL do, what they will be allowed to do if elected is completely yet to be determined.

So, back to being glad I'm not a Democrat during this primary because honestly I don't know who would be the lesser of two evils or the better of two good intenders.

I would not be surprised if we are inaugurating a Democratic president come next January.

For those of you who are Democrats and did not get a peek at the Republican primary ballot, there were about 8 different candidates - most of whom I cannot recall nor even heard of. So I went with the candidate that I am most comfortable with even though he is not considered the "favorite." In the end, that's the best I can do as a voter participating the election process of a democracy.

*FYI, my husband is NOT a politician - he is a peace officer of the State of Texas.

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Liz said...

I have to agree with you. I can't seem to decide which of the two I'd rather have as president. I try to listen in on some debates and read what each is about, but they don't seem that far apart from each other and I've been equally impressed or unimpressed with both. I don't call myself democrat or republican. I am pro-life and pro-gun but also believe we need to revamp our healthcare system and get the hell out of Iraq, or at least begin the process of getting the hell out. Anyway, so while I do know who I am voting for, it won't be McCain. I think a little fresh blood keeps everyone somewhat honest.