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Saturday, February 16

Breathing resumed

The Bear came through surgery just fine but mad as a hornet. The anesthesiologist told us to expect it because it was normal for little ones to wake up confused and upset.

Okay, upset is an understatement. It took FOUR of us to keep him from pulling out the IV and the bandage on his leg. Man oh man HE WAS PISSED. They put that little heartbeat monitor clip on his big toe (no pain whatsoever) but it was the one thing he WAS able to pull off so he did and he threw it off as hard as he could.

So far as I can tell the only pain he has experienced was when they pulled the IV needle out of his wrist but I was holding him and he had relaxed quite a bit so he was pretty much coming in and out. The anesthesiologist gave him a little extra bump of sedative to keep him calm as the general anesthestic wore off. He winced a little with the IV but other than that his bad mood was attributed to not liking the leg brace (which kept his leg completely straight).

The hardest part of this ordeal has been trying to keep him down and at a slower rate of speed.

Yeah right.

This is a kid who routinely moves from one room to the next without touching the floor.

He has bounced back tremendously and the best news is that the pathology report came back: benign.

Praising and Thanking God out here.


Liz said...

Yay for Bear!!! Glad he's feeling better and hopefully completely mobile again soon.

Lorraine said...

Fierce little fella. So thankful he's going to be just fine. Hugs to mom.