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Tuesday, February 12

Sometimes being a parent sucks . . .

The Bear will be having knee surgery tomorrow. For the past month we have been going to different doctors and going through different tests and a week ago today we were informed of the diagnosis: Baker's cyst. The need for removal is obvious - the cyst is right in the middle of his knee joint and its mere presence threatens healthy normal development of his knee.

So . . . as a parent I have to hand over my baby boy to doctors tomorrow morning at 7:30 so that he can be operated on.

This is where I have let my Mom's pragmaticism kick in: it is what must done despite fear. When I was 18 months old she handed me over to doctors in order to repair an abdominal hernia. Without the surgery I would have grown and the tear in my stomach lining would have enlarged and quite possibly my intestines would have created a more dire and painful condition. But she was strong and did what had to be done, even though that meant putting her child's wellbeing in someone else's hands. And Mom was not one to give control over to anyone except her Lord. Truth be told, I know there were times when she had trouble giving control over to Him, too!

So tomorrow morning I will be patiently and prayerfully waiting for my only child to come through his surgery like the big strong Bear he is.

Oh yeah . . . and Daddy? He's not doing so well. He will be getting a valium at the hospital in the morning.

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Liz said...

I just checked the blog today (15th) hope everything went better than expected for all three of you and that the bear is feeling better already. Let us know.