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Friday, February 29

Candidate N

A friend sent me something interesting yesterday. Apparently someone has put some effort in to gathering information regarding Hillary's and Obama's track records during their public service careers. The author was clear to point out that Hillary's activities were based solely on her accomplishments outside of her role as First Lady to former President Clinton. The author designated the two Democratic party contenders as Candidate N and Candidate 14 (to avoid any subconscious preferences).

To make a long explanation short, once I made my choice based on the voting record and platform issues (cleverly re-written to say the candidates' stances but in such a way that you aren't completely sure if it is Hillary's or Obama's), I was more than satisfied that my chosen candidate was the best person for the Democratic nomination.

Candidate N would be the clear choice for me.

Candidate 14 was Obama.

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Liz said...

Do you still have this? I'd be curious to try it out also.