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Thursday, March 20

Closed Doors

Wow! It's been almost a month since I last posted. I was really going to try to stick to the "once a week" format, too. Maybe I can now.

My husband lost in the primary by 12 votes. So a door has closed in our lives. We lost several supporters to the Democratic primary due to the Hillary/Obama competition and I am not angry with those folks. I understand the importance of voting in your party's primary, especially one so contested as this one has been. But at the end of the day, my opinion is that important local elections take precedence over national. There are so many other variables to this local election: 1,200 voters; personal relationships of candidates with almost every single voter; family fueds from 100 years ago; which local station you buy gas from; etc. My husband did the very best he could by this community, he ran a clean and gracious campaign, and I am incredibly proud of him. This county will not see another Sheriff that will hold a candle to the man and the Sheriff that my husband is. This county will never see another drug round-up with 22 indictments against dealers like it saw this past September. This county will never see more safety programs for its citizens or schools. And the ones introduced by my husband will more than likely be discontinued simply because he was the one to bring them but not because they are not good resources for our community. The worse part? This county knows it - numerous numerous people (everyone at the courthouse) have expressed concern about the two remaining candidates and their lack of ability or qualifications to do the job well, if at all.

BUT, God closed the door on us. He's done it before. And in hindsight He made such incredible opportunities for us that we can only praise Him and say, "Thank you, Lord, for knowing what was best for us all along." I have complete faith that we will be saying those same words when He finally reveals what it is He has in store for us. Defeat is never easy to take, especially when you have given it your best and your all and in your heart you thought you were going the direction the Lord wanted you to go. But with defeat comes wisdom and, for us, stronger faith in the Lord and His plan for us.

I'll keep posting about developments. Our very last option is to move and the Husband has been offered several positions with surrounding agencies. I have a good job and we could make it in a crunch if we needed to.

So, for now we are just going to wait to see which door opens for us to step through.

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