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Friday, June 1

What to do with a day?!??!

By all things that are wonderful and glorious, I am going to have a day, an entire day! to do as I please when I please how I please and the bestest part is I get to do it all without make-up!!

My mother-in-law very graciously offered to take the Bear home with her for a weekend (alas, I'm not ready for his overnight stays somewhere else whilst I am at home where he should be) so she will be having him for the entire day tomorrow.

There are so many things I want to/need to/should do but my primary focus these days has been the homestead. So bright and early first thing tomorrow morning I shall get started on the following:

1. Blogging - mainly posting the 593 recipes I have been collecting to the Bon Vivant Gourmet (we needs to do our best to get the Lady Lorraine published so her green eyes will return to their loveliest shade of blue);
2. Mysterious reduction of toys/too small clothes/etc from the Bear's black hole, er, room;
3. Paint the front gate glossy black (it is currently in its original green shade - ewwww);
4. Mount elegant brushed aluminum house number plaque to said front gate;
5. Complete temporary horse panel fence;
6. Paint said temporary fence glossy black;
7. Shred (mow with a tractor) front acre to road;
8. Spray coastal grass weed/seed for lush thick coastal grass (to be later mowed back down by the horses);
9. Mow the front yard, WAIT! I did that last night because I'm ready to get started!
10. Enjoy a nice glass of wine and dinner with my husband;
11. Watch NetFlix choice of the week - "Night at the Museum";
12. Pass out.

Yea - right. We'll see how this all shakes out. ;o)

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Lorraine said...

You're a sweetie, Jlow. And golly moses that's a heckuva to-do list. Accomplishment of any one of those things would be impressive. But might I suggest that you also do something completely indulgent for yourself...a nice hot bath or a mani or something.