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Sunday, June 3

Bear - 1, Parents - 0

Please keep in mind that I am smiling as I type this.

I had pretty lofty goals for what home improvement tasks I wanted to undertake while the Bear deconstructed his grandmother's home for a day.

Here's what was accomplished:

1. Completed horse panel fence.
2. Cleaned out and re-organized the Bear's closet.

That's it. That's what I accomplished. And the 35 feet of horse fence was finished in about 2 hours once we hitched up the trailer to go pick up the needed materials.

We spent 6 frakking hours!! clearing out the black hole that was his closet (not all of the contents his, of course). It took all of about 30 minutes to install the new ClosetMaid shelving and double rods. What took the majority of our time was emptying the closet out and then separating good from bad from ugly and bagging everything that no longer had a home with us.

Here's the tally:

2 truckloads of trash
1 truckload of donated items

Now that it has all been done and his closet could be an ad for small home organization, I'm happy and content.

Not so the story yesterday. Sitting in the middle of the pile in his room, I had the creepy feeling that it was all just multiplying. It took me 2 hours to see a spot clear to the carpet.

The day's biggest aggravation came in the form of the new microwave. Our old one stopped working last week so we were living like cave people! We finally got to a bigger town with a Wal-Mart yesterday morning and grabbed the biggest nuker they had. We got all the way home to plug it in. And nothing. The motor fan was blowing constantly but that was about it. So we had to load it up this morning, drive 30 miles, exchange it, plug it in AT THE STORE to make sure it worked, load it up, and haul it the 30 miles back home. Oh yeah, and we picked up the Bear while we were there.

We missed church this morning but we are all getting some much needed rest before the work week starts again. I think if the Lord saw the closet yesterday, He is understanding of my weariness today.

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Lorraine said...

I so relate.