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Thursday, February 8

Cakes and Cookies and Pie! Oh My!

The Bear's dayschool is having its Annual Spring Fundraiser next month. Since it is a sliding scale daycare/pre-school, the majority of parents do not pay full tuition. Ergo, our little church school would be in the red every month to the tune of about $5,000.

But this is where the incredible part comes in. Despite the fact that 99.9% of the children do not come from "affluent" (read - financially secure) families, many of our local very flush neighbors have been generous with their donations and their monthly support of the school. Since we not very flush nor affluent, Hubby and I participate in the "I'm In" group that donates $50 a month. The hope being that if 100 people joined the group, $5,000 shortfall would be eliminated. The school's very small and very tight budget gets some critical financial breathing room.

There are two annual fundraisers: Spring and Fall. I love the fundraisers for two reasons. First, since the Bear is a regular attendee of the school, he gets to participate in the activities at the fundraisers and see everyone working together to keep his school (WHICH HE LOVES!) open and running. Secondly, I get to donate a beautiful cake to the cake auction. These are no ordinary cake auctions. I usually spend between $30 to $50 for a 3-layer 10 or 12-inch cake with decorative icing plus I'll buy a $25 cake stand to go with it. So I donate approximately $75 but guess how much that little puppy will bring in?!?

How about $750? Yep, you got it. I donated a $30 cake and a $25 cake plate last Fall (the cake was a round 3-layer cake with yellow icing and colored polka dots) and the final bid was $750.

And you know who pays that kind of dough? GRANDPARENTS. They come in and see what wonderful things are happening with their grandchildren at this weekday ministry school and they can't wipe out their pension funds fast enough.

I love it. So, this Spring's donated cake will be a 10-inch, 3 layer Tuxedo cake on a pink cake stand.

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Lorraine said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! I have always wished I had the gumption to make beautiful cakes but I just did NOT get that gene. I would soooo buy that cake.

And there is something absolutely wonderful about seeing a whole community support a good school. We know that experience well.