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Thursday, February 8

It's Official

The Bear is now in the "Younger Pre-School" class. His last day in the Toddler class was yesterday. While Daddy and I are excited for his big accomplishment, we are a little melancholy about it too.

He's getting so big and it's happening so fast. What happened to our little 6 lb. 7 oz. tree frog? (You should've seen this kid's feet and hands when he came out!)

Of course, the Bear couldn't be happier about it. There is a certain elevation of independence in the Pre-School classes and he is very adamant that he is Big Boy.

So while he continues on his journey through life which inevitably brings milestones and accomplishments, Daddy and I will still see the little bitty baby boy we brought home so long ago.


Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Your post just makes me smile...such a big milestone for a Big Boy! Enjoy celebrating together!

Lorraine said...

Trust me, he'll always be that itty bitty baby in your mind. (The Child was a frog, too. Almost literally...she came out with her legs splayed froggie style and that's when I figured out that all those times she seemed to be kicking me on both sides she actual was! Fetal position...bah!)