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Tuesday, February 6


I just got a call from the Chairman of our local Rodeo Association and I have been asked to join the Drill Team!! I've wanted to do it but it is an invitation only group so, as you can guess, I am very excited about it.
For those of you who don't know what a rodeo drill team, it is a group of horses and riders who move in sync with each other throughout the rodeo arena (usually to the National Anthem and other upbeat toe tapping music). Most of the riders carry flags (the Stars & Stripes, the Texas Flag, and other relevant flags that are related to the specific event) and a few of the riders do not carry flags but perform fancy hoofwork. Kind of like horse dancing.

Our first practice is this Saturday.



JessnBekahsmom said...

SO happy for you! That is very exciting! You will definitely have to post pictures and such, okay? Since I don't get down to TX much...

Lorraine said...

Holy moly! Horse dancing! (That line made me chuckle). That is so serious coolness. And what JBM said...so gotta see you in action!

Dana said...

Congratulations! It sounds exciting, if somewhat mystifying.

jLow said...

JBM, pictures will be posted. But let me get a little practice under my belt first cause it might not be pretty til I get the hang of it.

Lady L, you can bet I will be in action WITH my tiara!

Dana, I'm sure I have little more idea of what to expect than you so it should be rather interesting if not TOTALLY entertaining!