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Tuesday, December 5

YO! I'm a Rocky kid!

When the "Rocky 6" commercial came on tv this weekend, Hubby and I looked at each other with expressions of perplexion. "Really?"

"Is that for real?"

So I did little surf-vestigating yesterday and sure 'nuff - "Rocky 6" is coming out some time around Christmas.

Now I know there are those out there who are giving hoots of laughter that Sylvester Stallone is doing another Rocky movie, saying "Give it a rest already!" But for those of us whose earliest movie memories include Rocky slugging his heart out against Apollo Creed and NOT winning (what kind of jacked up movie ending was THAT?), we still have a tender spot in our hearts for the big goofball. I watched the first four Rocky movies with my parents (I'm sure Mom would have preferred to see something else but Dad was there so it was Rocky or nothing). And then I saw the fifth Rocky with the jerk I was dating at the time (whole other story there).

With the sixth (and final?) Rocky coming out, I am looking forward to seeing how things have been going for my favorite boxer.


Lorraine said...

I admit that I haven't seen any of the Rocky sequels but I also admit to totally loving the first one. It rocked!

TxLawMan said...

"Adrien, I've fallen, and I can't get up..hell, she's old and deaf, she can't hear me...."