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Monday, December 4

It Happened. Again.

I couldn't find my new lip liner this morning. A perfectly good reason to be on the verge of tears. I was sitting in the DQ drive-thru waiting for my morning Diet Dr. P and I realized that my $2 lip liner was not in my tote bag where it belonged. And I knew where it was. It had been thrown away at a Wal-Mart in another town.

Once again, my multiple roles of wife/mother/full-time employee caused me to let myself down. And it's always something small. It's never anything big because the big stuff I can remember and keep track of and if I don't accomplish it then, oh well - I tried.

But the small stuff gets me every time. We stopped at Wal-Mart after church on our way to my mother-in-law's house. I needed a lip liner, Hubby needed eyeglass cleaner and cloth, and the Bear needed wipes and bubble bath. I got everything we all needed but once I got back in the truck I realized that the bubble bath seal had been broken and the lid was loose. Great, the bubble bath was leaking onto everything else. I told Hubby we would stop back by on our way home and exchange the bubble bath. So I put everything else in the Bear's tote bag and then cleaned off Hubby's eyeglasses.

On the way home we stopped at Wal-Mart again so I could exchange the bubble bath. I just left it in the bag since it had leaked and gave it to the clerk. I went and got the new sealed bubble bath, did the check-out thing, and left.

You guessed it. My new lip liner was still in the bag with the old leaky bubble bath. I'm sure the bag hit the trash before I even got out the door.

Some times I put so much focus and energy into making sure that everything is just right for Hubby and just right for the Bear and just right for my employers that anything I needed to do for myself gets completely lost in the shuffle. And it's always something small.


Eric said...

See Jlow,
Nothing good ever comes from Wallmart. Ever.

Lorraine said...

Well, you know Mr. Costco had to go there. (Although I concur). But that's not the point. The point is that I totally know how you feel and more to the point, those small things add up. Your needs are just as important as those of Hubby and Bear and employers. More, actually, because if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Take care of yourself, sweetie. Go buy some lip liner on your lunch break. And get a really superfantastic color.


TxLawMan said...

She does a good job of taking care of Hubby and Bear. We both appreciate her very much.