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Friday, December 1

I miss her.

I think a lot of my fellow bloggers (at least the ones I communicate with) will be able to relate with me on this issue. Or maybe not.

All day long I have my internet radio going (KLTY out of Dallas). They are playing Christmas music 24/7 this month. And they have a wonderful selection of Carpenter holiday songs that are played occasionally throughout the day.

Karen Carpenter's voice was kind of the background music of my life during my elementary years. One of my very dear friends even had a Carpenter's song played at her wedding several years after Karen's death.

I don't know why but hearing her voice makes me feel a little melancholy and wistful.


Lorraine said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Liz said...

Yeah, I can agree. Hearing certain music reminds you of a time in life when things were different. Not necessarily better or worse, but it is just a reminder that time is passing by and that things will never be the way they were. Sometimes it's good to remember the past because it also allows you to gauge how far you've come. there's my philosophy for you for today.

Anonymous said...

I think part of it is what happened to the poor woman. Such a good voice and a tragic ending.

gina said...

I know exactly what you mean. The Carpenters were always one of my favorites. When I was in junior college in 1973, they played in a very intimate setting. My soon-to-be first husband took photos of them for our yearbook. I wrote the article. They were very, very nice people, and really great in person. Her voice was simply amazing - pure, perfect. Such a tragic loss.

Alan said...

Hearing her voice does the same thing to me.

My sister and I had all of the Carpenter's records, and we would sing the songs all the time.

I remember very clearly when Karen Carpenter died. It was a strangely personal experience for me, especially since I could barely have told you anything about her other than sing any of her songs.