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Tuesday, December 5

So THAT's why?!!

I find this article hilarious. You know, cheaters will do anything, even write a magazine article, to try and justify their actions. The funniest part is that they are so dense as to think we are stoopid enough to buy it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole purpose of being in a relationship to commit yourself to that one person? If variety is what you want, then steering clear of "relationships" should be added to the top of your 'To Do' list. And if you're in a relationship that you don't want to be in, then that's your own fault. Nobody knows you better than yourself so signing up for a commitment you had no intention of keeping can't be blamed on anyone else - not even the other person in the relationship (unless, of course, a shotgun was involved).

Back to the article, supposedly the four top reasons you cheater guys will cheat are:

1. It's in your biology - Hey! It was in my biology to choke the living crap out of the ex-wife-in-law but I didn't. It's a little thing called "self-control." All adults are equipped with it - use it!

2. For the attention - awww, poor wittle baby not getting any attention at home? Wifey putting too much energy into washing your clothes, cooking your meals, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, holding down a full-time job?? You poor wittle neglected thing. SHUT THE **** UP! Maybe if you'd help out a little and relieve a little of her burdens she wouldn't be so dog-ass tired and you could get/receive the attention you BOTH deserve.

3. You want out - Yeah, it's too much trouble and why bother with dignity by actually breaking up with the person you don't want to be with anymore. Just cheat and they'll kick you to curb on their own. So you're a weasely little nertless wuss on top of being a cheating slimeball. Where were you when I was single? blech

4. You want variety - and how about a little STD to go with that? woo hoo You got yourself a real party going now!

What the article didn't bother to acknowledge is that choosing (and it IS a choice - it's controllable behavior) to cheat is only going to get you celibate and lonely in the end.

The article is hilarious to me for several reasons with the first being that no matter who a guy is cheating on - - he is ultimately cheating himself. So to try to explain it away with smartly worded bullet points really only eases the cheater's mind, no one else's.

The fool is sadly fooling himself.


Lorraine said...

I think my favorite was "Ipod" defense.

I think the intent of the article was to be "helpful" but holy moly, he just comes off like an idiot.

TxLawMan said...

Like my momma always says, "Once a cheater, always a cheater!"

TxLawMan said...

Not only do I not want to cheat on my wife...I would be very scared to!

Liz said...

True true true true!

So many excuses, but the one everyone forgots, you chose!

Duh. Sometimes the simplest answer is the hardest to find.