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Friday, December 8

I'b Sthick.

I went into work just long enough this morning to get the necessities completed and then I came home.

Last night was miserable. I couldn't breathe, my throat was all itchy and scratchy, and I had an ice picking headache. I guess the worst part is the stuffed up nose. First it's the left side, then the right side, then left, then right, then left, then both. I'm officially a mouth-breather today. I can already feel my IQ points falling.

Hopefully by Monday I will be back to my old smarmy forked tongue self.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful, phlegm free weekend!


Alan said...

It is amazing how being schick makes us lose iq points, isn't it?

Get better, honey!

Lorraine said...

Hope you are all better!