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Saturday, December 9

If I don't, will I get kicked out?

I just logged into my dashboard and a message was at the top: "Your new version of Blogger is ready."

It didn't say anything about "beta" but it said there were new features and blah blah blah.

Am I supposed to do the new version? Is it a choice? I've heard that if I do "beta" I can't go back to the old blogger style.

I'm so confoosed!


Eric said...

I have been avoiding it. those that have made the switch say it was a mistake. Plus everytime I go to one of those blog's comments I keep gettign message boxes about security.

jLow said...

Thanks for the input. I'm thinkin I'll stick to my old blogger style until they tell me I can't.

Lorraine said...

And I'm thinking that's what's happening here. Eventually they're going to make us convert but until then....

(although I was talking to JP about it today and he was basically reassuring me but I'm still not ready to take the plunge. Here's a thought...when we go, we go together?)

Lorraine said...

Also, relative to Eric's earlier comment...according to JP a lot of the stuff that early beta people gripped about has since been fixed and he said that the fact that we waited will be a good thing because it's already better.

But still.

jLow said...

Okay - deal. When we go, we'll go together.

But I'm gonna be one of the last holdouts. I'm getting crotchety in my old age which means changes = bad.