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Thursday, November 2


There's not a whole lot going on today. Or maybe there is and I'm just too tired to know it. What legislative body do I need to complain to in order to get afternoon workplace naps instigated?

Went and voted today. I don't know about you but I always get a feeling of productiveness when I walk out of the polling place (our local courthouse). If any of this "productivity" works its way from me to my ballot to my chosen candidate should they get elected is another matter entirely.

Cleaned out the fish's tank yesterday and gave him some fresh clear water. He's practically fishy giddy in there. Either that or he's hopped up on bad minerals in the water.

Had lunch with the Hubby. Just me and him. That doesn't happen too often. There's always somebody who wants to go with us, not that I don't like these other people just fine. But once in a while it is really nice to have one-on-one adult talk time with my spouse. Plus, he lets me eat his dessert. One more reason I love him so.

Watched "Laws of Attraction" last night - this week's NetFlix selection. eh, it was okay but I'm glad I didn't pay full price at the theater. Next week: "Friends with Money."

Got my Lillian Vernon Christmas catalog in the mail today. I don't know what it is about that annual colorful glossy little publication (which is chock full of hundreds of items I can personalize for free) that gives me a little thrill. Of course, the shiny wears off fast and it hits the garbage every year but it officially signifies the start of holiday shopping in my mailbox.

So that's all the new news I have to report from out here. Maybe things'll spice up for the weekend. Oh yeah, Hubby's pink jail will be on Geraldo tomorrow. I guess that's something spicy 'cause you never know where Geraldo's gonna go with any given subject. But he better watch it or he's gonna get another chair in the nose!

ummm . . . is it a bad thing for a fish to be lying on its back at the bottom of the tank?

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