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Wednesday, November 1

Very Cool . . . er, Picture Thingy

I saw this on another blog and of course I was immediately and very curious as to what celebrities I might happen to resemble. (Sometimes curiosity doesn't quite kill the cat so much as it hurts the cat's feelings.)

All I have to say is:

How ABSOLUTELY AWESOME I find it that I resemble BARBARA STANWYCK ! ! !

I'm stoked.

Ophelie whoozits??

AND . . . ta da! Here's Hubby's - (how cool is it that Wild Bill Hickok showed up??!!)


Lorraine said...

Totally see the Stanwyck in you. Very cool.

Alan said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Barbara Stanwyck?

Cause you do.

I notice things like that. I'm just cool like that.

jLow said...

Y'know, Alan, I get it ALL the time. Sometimes though, I just want to be jLow. Not jLo but jLow.